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Meet Your Attorney

Jason L. Traub, Esq.

     Many clients who come to the Traub Law Office for legal help are facing the most difficult time in their lives. At the Traub Law Office, clients can rest assured that their legal issues will be handled with professionalism, diligence, and empathy. With years of experience in the fields of Family Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Probate Law, I have built and refined both my legal knowledge and courtroom practice to ensure my clients' needs are met. Too often, attorneys in the field of Family Law fail to actively listen to their clients' concerns, and instead proceed based on their own assessment of what they believe the client "should" do. While you will always be provided accurate legal advice while under the care of the Traub Law Office, you will also be represented by an attorney who will put your needs before his ego. After working together to identify and address my clients' individual goals, I will always take the time to fully educate each client about the legal process so we can jointly develop a strategy tailored to their objective.

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